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Super proud of the progress my daughter's been making. She's had a really hard freshman year of high school. Yesterday was my first real sure sign of progress. She joined a writers club and actually shared her writing. Aloud. To the group. She received great feedback and I saw her confidence soar. Her writing has really improved since last week. Lot of progress in such a short amount of time!

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It's been a hard few weeks

One week we were in the ER three days for poor Rocky after I had coconut soup. I was then scared to breastfeeding him after a night of two epi shots, lots of prednisone, an excruciating attempt to get an IV hooked up and just general exhaustion. So, I tried to switch him to formula. He refused to eat. He cried and cried and finally ate a little formula. His skin turned bright red and his lips turned blue. He had the chills. Second night in the ER. More prednisone. Took him home. More crying into the next day and I ave him a different band of formula. Same thing happened. Took him to the doc, his doctor was amazing and drove to the ER with us to ensure they get him in right away. More Benadryl and prednisone. I looked at the two formulas ingredients when I get home. They are both organic, two different brands. Both have coconut oil in it. I think we cracked the case. It was the coconut!

I am zonked. I need to prioritize daily. I need to get more organized with my tasks.

Goals for tomorrow:

1. Get Alyssa started on Blink
2. Do 10 tattoo sketches
3. Make a tattoo priority list and create blogs!
4. Clean room.
5. Bank run
6. Pay bills
7. Finish laundry
8. Aerobics
9. Yoga
10. Take kids to the library
11. Make dr appt for Rocky

Next day:
1. Tattoo email
2. Blogs
3. Aerobics
4. Yoga
5. Organize papers

I'll add more later. This s enough for now. I'm so tired! Gotta shake it off!

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Freaked out

Lego night was a success! Had 2 so far. More about that later. I need to vent and get myself on track.

First off, I'm getting my etsy show on track. I created 3 me Geisha Muertas on the Beenznrice easy shop. I hired my kids to help me with the Heavenly Skull shop. Things are taking shape. I even ave my daughter writing n the Heavenly Skull blog. :)

Second, I am really worried about my health. I need to lose 20 lbs quickly. I am feeling the extra weight. My lungs, circulation and joints are all feeling it. I must get regular cardio going and daily yoga. My health depends n it. Cutting out processed sweets. Gotta focus on veggies and other foods that are nutrient rich. I have to start making my weight loss a priority. Diabetes keeps popping up in my thoughts and I need to listen to my body.

More later. Gonna try to get some sleep. Might be a little hard to.

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Yoga and LEGO

Did yoga last night before bed with Carlos. I slept much better. My goal of creating or finding 7 items per shop starts okay. For Heavenly Skull I have 7 pieces of jewelry I hadn't posted up. Which means 7 pieces of art. I will be creating some digital collage sheets for this as well.

My son's first LEGO team meet starts tonight. Carlos and I are coaching. Should be a fun filled evening! Gotta clean house a bit...

More later!

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Ok I'm going to admit this is the worst I've done with keeping new years resolutions, but I accept that it's because I have a new baby. My c section scar still hurts from time to time, that being said, maybe I need to reevaluate my goals.

I still do need to make sure I'm getting my exercise. With winter finally over, the should e a lot easier. My goal will be at least 30 minutes of activity everyday, which can mean a stroll or an intense session. I must do yoga 3-5 times a week. My neck and ack are starting to hurt again. We gave fast food up for lent so my eating habits are very good right now.

I need to treat my etsy shops as a full time job. I keep reading success stories and this is the one consistent practice among all of them. That means at least 2.5 hours devoted to each shop per day, everyday. I believe in myself!

Friday nights and weekends need to be my main creating days. This goes for both Beenznrice and Heavenly Skull. Goals for creation are:

7 pieces of art each week for Beenznrice
7 unique items for Heavenly Skull.

Blogging goals need to be more thought out too. Getting sleepy...will pick up tomorrow and start on Friday!

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Today's Project: The Bar

ere's what I have to work with. I originally got bar stools, but because of poor lighting, no one actually sits at the bar. So I'm going to sell the bar stools on craigslist some time this week. Going to clean this today. I'm thinking of taking the keyboard out of that space and moving it somewhere else and putting two book cases under there instead. We'll see! 

Worked out!

I finally used our treadmill right now. I'm so out of shape after having the baby and just getting over a few sicknesses. Slow and steady will be my theme for now. Going to take a yoga break tonight as it seems I'll be working late again! More later.

Busy sleepy Monday

Managed to start laundry, wash dishes, pick up the living room and get some work done all with a crying...screaming baby. I'm exhausted. Oh and I breastfeeding him nearly every hour, which makes me sleepy every time. Must fight sleepiness! Taking a nursing livejournal break now. Gotta pick up my older son in about half an hour. Where does the time go?

Just got off the phone with my mom in law, she's able to pickup the boy from school. Perfect! I'm clocking some Chinese chicken for dinner so I'll see them all tonight. One thing I'd like to do when the baby finally falls asleep is take some before pics of the house so I have clear goals for myself. Blogging work from home mama again for the time being!

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A good friend of mine's life partner died of cancer this week. A reminder that what is most important is not schedules and chores. I need to keep that in mind and enjoy the present with my family. Often I think too much in the past or the future. I'm so sad for my friend's loss. They were together for 21 years. Even though they couldn't be legally married in this state, they had one of the most ideal marriages, the kind of relationship everyone wants but is rarely truly found and lasts. This is for you Lisa and Linda.

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Check in with short term goals

In case you were wondering, I haven't kept all of my resolutions yet this year, but that doesn't mean I'll get frustrated and forget about it. The resolutions are just a list to refer to when and to keep my life in check. So let's see how I'm doing and come up with solutions.

I haven't been doing yoga everyday. I think it's because I'm thinking of it as an hour at a time. I'll need to figure out how to break it up into 15, 10, and even 5 minute intervals on really busy days.

I haven't been working out as much as I'd like, I just need to remind myself that my baby is almost at the halfway mark of 9 months, and by 9 months I wanted to be at my pre pregnancy weight, which means I needed to lose 30 lbs total by May. Which is 15 lbs by the end of February. I need to get batteries for my scale. I have been getting some cardio in by looking up the Jack Rabbit Slim dance scene from Pulp Fiction and picking up my very heavy baby boy and dancing with him around the living room many times in a row.

I need to do more sketching! I've done the minimum amount of daily sketching only one day so far! Gotta get that going! Going to make sure I do tomorrow!

Another big thing I need to do is get this blog going again about organization. I am waiting to sign the lease for this place for this year, and once that's done, I have many different projects. Those include: rearranging my living room, selling our big bulky furniture and streamlining with minimal furniture, battling clutter in every room, reorganizing our garage studio and making it comfortable enough to make me want to spend time in there, backyard needs to be a place I'd like to sketch and drink coffee.

Another thing, creating for Heavenly Skull again!

All this with a newborn! Still as ambitious as ever, but much more seasoned and successful at the moment. I'll be turning 30 this year and I feel great about it. I feel more confident than before, and I feel like I am really finding out who I am.

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